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The Wolf's Shadow

The Wolf's Shadow

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'Right up there with C J Sansom... A brilliant historical thriller' Philip Gwynne Jones
'The twists and turns are brilliantly done' Sarah Ward
'A joy for the senses... see the smoke and grime of Tudor London' Chris Lloyd

1558: The body of Thomas Seymour is found hanging naked in an oak tree at Hatfield House, the home of Elizabeth Tudor, the Queen’s sister. But Thomas Seymour was supposedly beheaded nine years to the day on Tower Hill. How did he return from the dead, only to die again?

Doctor John Dee and Margaretta, assisted by his pupil Christopher, are charged with unravelling the mystery. But then there is a kidnapping, a ransom threat and more bodies appear.

Amongst secrets and rumours, the scandal of the Seymour Affair threatens to resurface. Elizabeth’s road to the throne could be ruined and with that comes the fall of the Tudor Dynasty.

Can John Dee keep Elizabeth’s secret before it casts a shadow over them all?

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