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The Relentless Pursuit of Peace

The Relentless Pursuit of Peace

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Mental Health is very much on the agenda. This book demystifies a lot of the issues that can affect the majority. It shows how small changes can bring significantly better outcomes. A good life experience is seldom accidental and yet too many people remain trapped with anxiety and depression. Practical milestones are shared to help us journey onwards towards good mental health.

Whilst the book is readily accessible its recommendations are backed by a careful exploration of contemporary research. Many self-help books and those seminars and initiatives in the workplace are often misleading and just plain wrong. The early part of the book challenges outdated thinking. It is very much a handbook for the head.

The author has worked at post graduate level in six top universities working with leaders and simply people. Every part has been road tested and the results over the last twenty years have been consistent and positive. This about making changes towards a more and enjoyable and fulfilling life. It will help you survive stressful circumstances but is so much more, a dawn breaking in the darkness.

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