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The 14th Storm

The 14th Storm

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In 2043, the climate has finally changed.

The planet is ravaged by violent storms and failing crops and much of the world is now uninhabitable. Amidst a world of hungry and desperate people, the Department of Environmental Justice have been tasked with finding and executing those who have denied climate change.

On the eve of the 14th storm, Broderick and Malley are asked to hunt the leader of a stirring rebellion, but something feels wrong. Broderick is shut off and interested only in exacting revenge. Malley is sceptical, and thinks their latest target is more politically-motivated than their employer is letting on. Their journey is upended by Fionnuala, a young and idealistic runaway who is hopeful for the future and desperate to save the target. Together, the three of them must learn to adapt to the climate and the polarised groups if they are to survive.

'Rarely have I seen satire and dystopian literature combined to such compelling effect' Jack Fennell
'A howling keen of a novel that asks timely questions of us as readers and citizens' Grainne Murphy
'Brutally vivid and disturbingly plausible' Juliet Conlin

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