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Eton Rogue

Eton Rogue

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‘A delicious tale in which class, politics, and a toxic press all jostle for our horrified attention’ Tunku Varadarajan, The Wall Street Journal

Eton Rogue is a hilarious and shocking story of scandal and rebellion – all set in the heart of the world’s most famous school, Eton College.

Meet our Eton Rogue: Seventeen-year-old Cary, now embarking on his extraordinary final year at Eton. Prince William has joined the school and the British tabloids are ravenous for headlines. Cary is the mole who’s making thousands selling stories to the Sun newspaper - and while he’s at it, he’s secretly dating a housemaster’s daughter.

Based on true events, the rule of Eton Rogue is simple: The more outrageous the tale, the greater the chances that it actually occurred.

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