The Art of Consultancy

The Art of Consultancy

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"This is the practical approach I wish I had come across much earlier in my career." Cynthia Pexton-Shaw

Whether you are just starting out, considering or already working as a consultant this book is essential reading, enabling you to understand the needs of your client and to get the result they want.

There are more factors to consider in order to be a successful management consultant than simply subject matter knowledge. Problem solving and solution delivery have to be accomplished in usually tight project timescales while keeping clients happy. This book, based on the experience of training thousands of consultants, provides insights into the key processes of selling and delivering consulting services, together with the essential underpinning tools and techniques, and the commercial imperatives for running a successful consulting practice.

This book contains the tools, tactics, secrets and attributes to develop and become a successful management consultant. The contents include chapters on the key processes such as:

  • The business of consultancy
  • Marketing and selling consultancy projects
  • Overview of the delivery process
  • Entry, Contracting, Diagnosis, Intervention and Closure

And the essential underpinning skills such as:

  • Analytical tools and techniques
  • Reporting and Influencing clients
  • Designing, delivering training sessions and workshops
  • The practice environment