Smart Skills: Presentations

Smart Skills: Presentations

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Book 2 of the Smart Skills series: practical guides to mastering vital business skills and techniques. Using proven strategies from business experts, these essential smart skills can empower anyone with the tools to get ahead.

Everything you need to know about presenting- a must have for any employee, manager, freelancer or business owner.

Despite being one of the most dreaded professional tasks, public speaking is an increasingly important skill to master: the ability to engage and connect can truly set you apart from the crowd in a competitive market. This easy-to-follow, succinct guide will provide you with effective tips and resources to help you with both the practical task of putting together a presentation and proven strategies for building up your confidence. This handy guide includes:

  • Detailed advice on strategy, structure and format
  • How to pinpoint and communicate your core message
  • Expert strategies for staying calm and collected
  • Understanding your audience's needs
  • How to show your passion and create a rapport with your audience
  • Best practice for using visual aids and speaker notes

Kay splits up the presenting process into three key stages: before the presentation, during the event, and afterwards. This easy method makes this Smart Skills guide a useful tool for anyone who has to present to an audience, even a complete beginner.