Smart Skills: Persuasion

Smart Skills: Persuasion

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Book 6 of the Smart Skills series: practical guides to mastering vital business skills and techniques. Using proven strategies from business experts, these essential smart skills can empower anyone with the tools to get ahead.

Maximise your opportunities by mastering the art of persuasion.

The underappreciated skill of persuasion is vital not just for negotiations, but in every aspect of business life. Taking on more responsibility, motivating your team, getting that big promotion: everything is possible once you've mastered the art of convincing people. By following these simple steps you can learn first how to recognise your power in any professional situation, and then how to harness that power to your advantage. The key persuasive tactics covered in this concise Smart Skills guide include:

  • Mastering persuasive language
  • Personalising your pitch: the tailored approach
  • Conveying credibility
  • Handling and overcoming objections
  • Dealing with maybe

Take advantage of every opportunity, starting today.