A Business Guide for Beginners

A Business Guide for Beginners

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Are you considering taking up a career in the business industry, maybe starting up your own business or studying business? If so, the first step in your journey is gaining the knowledge of what business is actually all about.

A Business Guide for Beginners is the only guide you’ll need to get to grips with the basics, with content including:

  • Broad introduction to the basics of business
  • Guides to the main functional areas of a company, including people management, operations and finance
  • Step by step guide to the practical stages of starting a business
  • Comparing different business strategies
  • Examining business ethics
  • A to Z of key business terms

Using this business ‘primer’ to guide your ideas, understand your motivations and structure your work, you'll build your own recipe for Business Success as you approach your first venture into the business world.